SR ECO Screw compressors

Detroit Air Eco line models available from 10HP to 350HP

SR Eco Series Rotary Screw Compressors

SR Economy

Some clients need a solution to a problem, the SR Eco series was designed as a "nothing unnecessary" screw air compressor.

This range extends from 10hp right up to 350hp. 10hp to 60hp utilise a standard PLC system that offers easy operation and comprehensive protection.

IP23 motors are standard in a direct-drive fixed speed configuration. The bulk of the cost savings are derived from the air end and motor structure. Although reliable, the air end and motor combination is not as efficient as the SR Premium models. Noise levels are a little higher too.

Detroit Air - SR Series Screw Compressors

Key Product Features

The design, and thus manufacturing process have been greatly simplified, meaning lower production costs. Models from 75hp up utilise a more advanced PLC system depending on the model being fixed or variable speed, single or 2 stage. Models from 75HP up use the same air end structure as the SR Premium models, however, motor efficiency is only offered at an IE1 level.   Variable Speed models come with a standard Permanent Magnetic IP54 motor structure across the range.

SR Economy Series screw compressors still have the benefits of a customer focussed cabinet structure allowing for quick and easy servicing. All parts and spares are well priced and offer cost savings benefits to solutions focussed clients. Although designed as a cost effective compressed air solution, durability is not compromised, SR Eco series models can work in the same harsh environments as the SR Premium models and provide years of stable service.  Model ranges include fixed and variable speed, single and two-stage variable speed and tank mounted package units up to 30hp.


A Great Warranty & Backup Service PLUS


Lowest total cost of ownership.


Robust design and stable performance.


Compact footprint with clever cabinet design.